Frequently Asked Questions

Q? Is Coin Fortis account free?

A: Yes, Coin Fortis account is free forever, Sign up a new account.

Q? How to sell my Bitcoin (BTC) for Fiat Money?


You can sell your Bitcoin: Post ad by log-in into your account .

Q? How safe to trade my Bitcoin?


You are safe to trade your Bitcoin with our buyer protection feature. Our trade system is using escrow process to ensure buyer and seller has a fair trade.

Q? Is there any minimum amount to deposit Bitcoin to my account?


Yes, please send at least 0.00100000 BTC to the deposit address, otherwise your BTC will be forfeited.

Q? Is there any deposit fee when I topup my account?


No, It is FREE! we do not charge/collect any processing fee when you send BTC to your deposit address.

Q? Is there any withdrawal fee when I withdraw BTC?

A: Yes, we are providing the lowest processing fee 0.00100000 BTC for each BTC withdrawal.

Q? Transaction processing time?

A: After releasing the bitcoin transaction can take up to 10 min to 30 min.

Q? Fee For Trading?

A: Each trade will cost you 0% fee.

Q? Fee From Advertiser

A: We will charge 0.5% fee from advertiser.
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